dandelion (2023)

a collaboration between artists Lucien V. Sebastian and Andrew Michael Joseph

As children, we come to understand dandelions as blossoms of sunlight nestled in patches of green grass, which will soon undergo a transition into cotton-like puffs - sweet little wishes waiting to be made, blowing in the wind, a symbiotic relationship between human and plant. However, as we grow older, we are taught that these are not made of sunlight and are not made of wish wishes, and most certainly, are not to be considered flowers. Rather, they are weeds - damaging, destructive, invasive.

The queer body is subjected to such a fate. When it is consumable, digestible, something that is comfortable to the sensitivities of the cisgender, heteronormative dominating presence, it is allowed to exist. Presented falsely, under disguise, with shame, and not accepted, but tolerated. The moment queerness is explored, however, the moment a queer person satiates their curiosity and dares to learn more about themselves, it is called a “weed”. A parasite, a detriment to society that saps the life from those deemed worthy of living.

But, like the dandelion, queer people are persistent, resilient, and beautiful. They are worthy of love, appreciation, veneration, and adoration.

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